Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MaliQuest: The Rules v1

Good Wednesday everyone!

So last night was very interesting, you see, as I've already covered I have a bit of a cold and so have been needing more sleep than normal. Of course between games and similar I have been denying myself this sleep and working through the pain that follows with painkillers.

Well last night I was in a pickle. I KNEW I had to take it easy and probably have a nap/early night but I have SO much to do, including studying for my upcoming resit exam (wish me luck) as well as everything else.

So what happened? After dealing with all the required things (study, WoW dailies etc) I picked up my note book, lay on my sofa and started writing the MaliQuest Rules by hand.

As time went by I found myself getting very frustrated, I knew that no matter how perfect I made that version I would need to retype it all up anyway, plus after spending X number of years glued to a keyboard for both work and leisure, typing feels more natural than writing.

Anyway, long story short I went upstairs to my computer and about 3 hours later came down with this:

That's right, v1 of the MaliQuest is now up.

Feeling very tired, but also excited to get this up finally I went to bed. Laying in bed however I remembered two things that I needed to include but forgot:
1). Control Hands: Each player has their own control hand even if they are part of a large group and a Control Hand is normally 6 cards in size.
2). Resurrecting when in a solo party: there are times when the games will be just one player and the GM, and in these situations, if Death occurs there will be no party members to use Soul Stones and Resurrect you. Instead at the Player's choice they may use one of their own Soul Stones to Resurrect themselves. The rules are the same as standard, however they are Summoned Completely Within 6" of where they died.

So please have a look at this, it's uploaded in .pdf so that most/all smart phones can download and read. If you have any questions please let me know.


- What I'd like you to think about, assuming you had all the cards printed out and ready to go, and you had a Dungeon to Quest through, after reading these rules do you feel like you could play a game?

If the answer is no, then please tell me why, as that is something I need to tackle - unless the reason is that you don't know how to play Malifaux. I'm sorry but that's just a requirement.


As an aside, there is one note/comment I made in the section about Encounters:

NOTE: Outside of an Encounter, Players can only use cards and abilities once until the start of the next Encounter. This does not apply to general Player actions such as those listed earlier.

This is very important. It means that once an Encounter is over, you are only able to use a Healing item once to try to heal yourself. Once this has been used, you need to wait until the start of a new Encounter before trying to use it again.

I am afraid there is no fluff reason at present behind this, it's purely a balance thing. As it stands the moment players can heal themselves they will enter each and every Encounter at full health and it turns the relationship between the Party and the GM in an ugly way.


So there we have it! These changes that I've already flagged I'll be adding, most likely tonight, and will add anything else that people can raise to me.

The cards themselves are already available in a v1 facility here:
And character cards can be found here:

I'm sorry to say that the cards themselves still require a few tweaks, namely the Gremlin Moonshine needs to have all rarities below Rare removed.

Oh and the cards shown in the Rules are wrong (whoops) the Fire Spell and Immobilise are wrong, their CC is supposed to be 10 and 12 respectably without a suit requirement.


Last but not least!

I promised the other day some good news, well here it is!

You know Jac? The woman currently acting as the community voice for the Through the Breach Kickstarter? Well she also handles the day to day running of the Henchman Program.

Last Friday I contacted her about MaliQuest and whether I'll have permission to publicly run games of it - and if those games can be run as a Henchman or not.

Well the good news? The first part, Yes I can publicly run games of MaliQuest. I am fully allowed to put out these rules and let others play it!

The Unsure news? Whether or not I can run these games as a Wyrd henchman has yet to be decided, this is because there is the potential clash between this and TtB.

So it was left with Jac agreeing to approach Justin the Community Manager and Eric J himself to ask for their thoughts.

Let me just run that past you again. Eric J, one of the founders and creators of Wyrd itself is going to be shown/told about MaliQuest!

But let me tell you, even if I have to do so as just Dr Loxley, rather than Dr Loxley "the Henchman", I will be hosting games of MaliQuest!


And on that note: stay safe, and I'll see you Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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