Monday, 21 January 2013

Let it snow!

Good Monday everyone,

So even though it would have cost me a day's annual leave, I don't have today off and am currently awaiting a delayed train to arrive to send me to work.

I did notice a lot more cars parked in drives this morning than normal, and I'm left wondering how many people in the country will not go in today because of an inability to drive, while myself and many others can still walk 20+ minutes to a train station and take 2+ trains to get to work.

Oh well, moan over.

I suppose you are probably wondering what happened with my exam? Not good I'm afraid.

The resit was had, but despite putting down answers I would swear to you were correct, I failed again.

- a reminder, in order to pass any papers in this course I need to score 70% in each section. I still don't know why it's that high for a foundation course, compared to my BSc which was only 40%.

Anyway, I'm not letting it get the better of me, but I'm going to see if I can make use of some extra tools. First things first, if I can get a proper breakdown on my paper. Rather than actually giving me results, the print outs just say "not yet competent" for wrong answers, so despite requiring 70% to pass, I don't actually know what % was my score.

I'm also going to see if I can get a copy of the answers for the paper I took, so I can compare with my answers. Considering I don't know where I actually went wrong, without seeing what the right answers should have been, I can't fix that.


So that was Saturday morning.

The rest of the day was very fun, we had lots of snow, and me and the moo played in the garden until it got dark:

and then once it had become far too dark, we then went inside and played indoors.

This involved lots of running around, but also playing in a very rustic "den" - or if you will, a duvet covering a gap in between our bed and radiator:

Next came Sunday, and a short but thoroughly enjoyable trip into town.

Everything was covered in a thick layer of snow, and despite the cold biting through my shoes, everything still seemed very peaceful, and we even had the moo walking with us for part of the journey.


That's it for the weekend I'm afraid, very little else to report on.

But there is more!

I'm still on course to launch MaliQuest and it's Blog Page next week, but I did realise this weekend, it seems this month I haven't booked a demo day at the store!

I suppose to be honest, that is because I have been busy, and my focus (especially over the past few weeks) has been getting my exam booked and revising for it. So I think one month off from Henching is understandable in these curcumstances.

I'll probably email the community rep Jac however, just to let her know anyway. It's the polite thing to do.

So what's next? Well I've been working a little by little on my Belles for my Seamus crew:

These still require a lot of work, but are getting there.

I'm also going to be working on the Malifools terrain competition.

My entry is quite simple, it's a town well to go on my old west board of New Fairbank, only difference is that something will be living in/coming out of the well...

This arrived from eBay last week, and once I have removed the head and body, leaving me with just the tentacles, it will make a lovely "unseen horror" beasty, just to add a little character to an otherwise boring terrain piece.

More on that as it gets built.


Anyway, on that note I'm pretty sure we're up to date.

I can't say how prolific my posts will be over this week, got a lot to focus on, but I'll be back soon.

So stay safe, and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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