Tuesday, 5 March 2013

It's Rant-O-Clock

Evening all,

For those who follow me on twitter you probably already saw this coming, but for those of you who don't this will be news.

Something happened today on the Wyrd Miniatures boards about a tournament that was due to go ahead.

It was organised by someone who I understand is an (ex) employee of Wyrd however other than divulging the contents of the 'announcements' that is all I will reveal as to their identity

The announcement you see (without quoting) was that the tournament was going to be cancelled, and the reasons behind the cancellation was that not enough people had paid up front.

Let's just break this down a second. Because too few people paid up front, the event would not go ahead.

This struck me as unusual, but not outright offensive. But then I read a comment which began to push me over the limit...

There's barely any interest and with no tickets being bought I'm not sinking my own money into a tournament again.

So let me get this straight, the fault of this is that there is a lack of interest and that the organiser is not prepared to pay for this tournament themselves out of their own pocket?

Maybe I'm just over reacting however...

there is no point putting precious time and effort into something so underwhelmingly under supported

No, it seems like the organiser is actually saying that the people who want to go are to blame for the cancellation.

But what was that about the money again? Oh yes:
I can't buy prizes with fresh air and it wouldn't be fair on me to have to do so.

Ok so that's all my quotes for now, and so begins the actual rant itself...

You see what really gets me is the apparent self of entitlement we have here.

Let's talk about the lack of enthusiasm and support that is mentioned: this is up to the Tournament Organiser (TO) to do. It is your job to get people fired up for an event. That is done by giving people what they want (fun) and promising more of it if they come to the next event.

If there is a lack of enthusiasm for an event, then the TO has no one to blame but themselves.

Let's move onto the next point: lack of upfront funds.

I've read through the main post and the rules pack for this event. Nowhere is a deadline for payment specified. I've also been to a few tournaments myself and virtually all of them have had 25%+ attendance pay on the door. This should be expected and if it is not possible, then prior announcements with the rest of the info needs to be set up telling people when the deadline is.

You can't just randomly decide that the deadline has passed and now you're going to cancel.

All in all right now this person sounds to me like they're throwing their toys out of the pram and throwing a bratty strop.

Next up, getting prizes out of thin air...

More entitlement! Every tournament I've been to or spoken to friends about has always had this. Prize support is paid for out of pocket from the TO or the store/club they represent and there is the 'hope' that once all the bills are paid for the day that your takings from entrants are large enough to pay yourself/the club/store back.

If the takings from entrants do not cover rent & prize support, then I'm sorry Mr TO, you go out of pocket.

This is something that every single TO I know understands and excepts, and frankly if you're not willing to take the gamble as the TO them you can just EFF right off.

Seriously, I don't want to hear it.

Oh no! So you're not being paid for this and have to use your own money to fund it, big freaking deal! So does everyone else who runs these events.

The worst part? Current Wyrd Employee or Ex Wyrd Employee, it doesn't matter!

This person has a hat on their account which they post under, that means everything they post is representing Wyrd, and this self entitled, claiming to be a martyr BS of an attitude freaking stinks.

The people who want to go to this event are trying to support both the hobby itself and you as an organiser, and your outright attacking them.

If you have a problem with the parent company, then that's fine. Break ties with them and move on, don't act like a spoilt princess and make a scene, and most of all don't blame and attack the very people who are trying to help.

/end rant

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. I couldn't agree more! Well said mr. Loxley.

  2. I think one of the issues is the expectation that everyone would jump and sign up.

    Posting a thread, then not updating, mentioning or doing any kind of promotion, then wondering why loads of people haven't signed up, and having a strop isn't really on.

    I'm sure if it wasn't easter weekend there would have been more interest, and also if there were more updates as well - most gamers are lazy buggers and need a kick, if no-one is there to give the kick then nothing would ever happen ;)