Monday, 4 March 2013

MaliQuest: Dr Loxley's Manual of Monsters

Good evening again everyone!

Well three posts in one day! Something is clearly wrong, but hey-ho!

So over the past while I've been going over the Dungeon Companion and focusing quite a bit on the GM Guide as well as the fluff for the Companion, but there is one thing I have yet to really touch on, and that's the Monster Manual.

I'm sure you've seen these things before, I know almost every edition of D&D has a copy, but this is going to be different.

You see in a normal Monster Manual you have a quick description of a beasty, a photo and then the stats and abilities of said monster. This is a format that I want to avoid.

Ignoring the v2 stat card .pdf Wyrd have always been very careful to not give away the whole game of Malifaux for free.

This is why the Rules Manual digital copy has sections omitted, and why other than the v2 reprints no stat cards appear online.

Following on from this concept is part of why I have not included the rules on how to play Malifaux in the rules pack for MaliQuest, and also why I list the Malifaux Rule Book in what you need to play MaliQuest (please don't sue me Wyrd).

So with all this in mind while pictures and homebrew background are great, something I don't/can't include are the stats behind these beasties.

So what am I thinking?

Well for me this mini book is pure fluff. There are no rules to be included, however it could be of use for GMs.

I'm looking to cover all the main types of beasty, including Nephilim, Nightmares, Spirits, Constructs and Rotts (Undead). And where possible cover the sub types from Stitched to Punk Zombies.

A brief description will be provided, which if the GM wants they could use to introduce the beasty, while also including a picture of said monster.

Now I'm not going to feature every minion or master in the game, that'll take up far too much space and I think will frankly be quite boring, so to begin with I'll just be featuring the monsters that I feel are either necessary or I like.

But wait! I'm looking for your contributions too!

Do you have some homebrew art you want to do? Maybe you're looking to write some descriptions? Or perhaps you'd like to partake in something I've been kicking around for a while now: photos of your painted miniatures!

The idea I must admit was not my own, it was inspired by the Malifools in episode 29 and followed through and developed as an idea in episodes since.

These guys had the great idea of making a custom deck of cards that uses painted Malifaux models for the card art. I love this idea, and assuming a). People wanted to join in and b). The podcast wizards don't mind me mooching the idea, would like to include photos of people's models where possible in the Monster Manual.


So there we have it, most of my ideas over the day. I hope you like this stuff and if able can contribute to the finished product.

Stay safe, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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