Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekend Catchup & A Proposal

Good Monday everyone!

I trust on this chilly morning you are well rested and eager for a fun filled week?

So I promised you a weekend catchup, and it's a doozy this time:

So every week Saturday is my lie in day, while Sunday is my wife's.
This Saturday I didn't feel much like I had a lie in, however technically I did.

You see at 10am (when I usually get up on Saturdays) I was awoken by my darling wife, it turns out that my Mini Moo needed to be taken to a drop in medical centre.

But I appear to be jumping ahead of myself, let's skip back to the night before, we'd picked the Moo up from day care with a swollen eyelid and an accident report form. Turns out as the day had progressed her eye had swollen more and more but strangely enough no one had seen her fall over or cry.

We assumed that they must have just missed the bump and that was why her eye looked bruised.

So back to Saturday, it turns out overnight her eye was still swelling and come Saturday morning it was pretty much swollen shut.

Other than the swelling the Moo was her usual cheery self, but my wife was concerned and so I went with her to the drop in centre.

When we get there we're told there is a 2 hr wait to be seen, but we can always call the NHS 111 number, which we do and speak to a very nice man who refers us to A&E at our local hospital (just across the road from the drop in centre).

So we see A&E and rightfully so the nurse is a bit concerned about potential infection. This was what we had become worried about and the potential long term consequences if it spread to her eye socket.

So the nurse refers us to see the outpatient doctor, who takes one look at the Moo and instantly diagnoses her with an allergic reaction, probably some dust that got stuck under her eyelid.

We're prescribed anti-histamines and sent on our way.

Fast forward to last night and the drugs appear to have worked. The swelling is almost completely gone and the Moo is visibly happier to regain her balance.

Turns out she also has been saying her name for quite a while, but her toddler version of that name sounds similar to something else, so we didn't pick up on it.

Last but not least regarding the Moo, it seems she has somehow gotten it into her head that feet must be covered at all times. She spent a good hour last night toddling around passing both me and Mummy Moo our slippers while saying very loudly "SHOES!"


I have another thing I want to say on the back of yesterday's post.

So I've already said that I'm looking to host the 3hr MaliQuest game we held over Skype, what I would like to propose is something similar moving forward:

Something like a weekly 30minute game, myself and a party of players meet via Skype every week, starting off with generic starter characters and over the weeks play through a Dungeon.

This can then be uploaded and stuff and bing bam boom we have ourselves an adventure.

So what do you say? I'll be looking to do this after I've got the 3hr game done, and also after I've got at least my latest exam out of the way, but if you would be interested in taking part, please let me know.

Well on that note, that's it from me. Stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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