Monday, 15 July 2013

Loxfest 2014 (Working Title) Developments

Good Monday everyone!

So yesterday I announced my plans on holding a two day 'free-gaming' day where attendees would not have a strict time limit to play games over and instead be able to play whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

Since then it was brought to my attention that while its a nice idea in principle, the very nature of people alone would mean that without direction nothing actually happens and people either drop out for fear of not being able to play the games they want to or instead rather than turning up and getting stuck in, instead mill around and spend all day doing nothing.

I don't know how true this is, but I'm thinking it's probably right.


One thing I don't want to do is declare this a Malifaux v2 event, as I know a good few people who would rather play V1, and something tells me, if I said it was a v1 event (with potentially modified rules here and there) then the turnout probably wouldn't even cover the hall rental (I'm still waiting to see how that is, and of course everything hinges on how realistic that rental is).

So this leaves me in a pickle, it's not major as I have roughly a year (maybe more, maybe less) to organise this, but I would like to hear from you beloved reader!

What would you want? A Free Associated Gaming Event?
A Malifaux v1.5 Weekend?
A Malifaux v2 Weekend?
Maybe 1 game for the first day with Free-Gaming on the second?

Remember, this is not supposed to be a tournament, this is supposed to be an opportunity for some people to get together, play some games and have fun with a few prizes thrown in for a bit of a 'fun' edge.

Let me know!

*Note: By Free Gaming I mean "Play what you want, when you want", there will always be an attendance fee :)

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Personally I think it is an excellent idea and one I whole heartedly endorse. I do think you need to put some form of structure on it otherwise groups of existing friends will naturally just play within that group but otherwise a bring and play event should work very well.

    What I would say is that it is a huge amount of work as expecting folks to bring gaming tables etc. is probably unrealistic (can't put a 6x4 on the train :)) so as well as space you will need to provide the boards and terrain to play on. I was very lucky in that I had a good few local folks that helped me out massively with my tables meaning I only needed to do 6 boards myself, without them I couldn't have done 4M at all.

    1. Thanks for the comments Mike!

      Terrain and boards is something that I'm thinking about but I'm not letting it bother me at this stage.

      1). It's a year away, in that time I could make 20 boards if I was so inclined.
      2). I happen to know 2 clubs in near-ish vacinity, one thing I'm thinking of is asking them to donate boards or failing that, rent them.

      Another point is that I would like to get some idea in advance as to what to expect, say 4 Malifaux boards, 1 40k, 1 WFB board, 1 Infinity and 3 Free Boards (just as random numbers) then if people want more then on the fly generation or what not could be made - not sure.

      But i think it is workable - maybe

  2. No problem at all.

    If you have local club support then that eases a lot of the burden but making 20 boards, you are a machine sir. I doubt I could make that many in 2 years, let alone 1

    1. When paper mâché is your ally, anything is possible!

      Expect one large 'Western Wilds' board with lots of rocks and spires. Providing I had enough newspaper, paste and board could make that in less than a week