Wednesday, 24 July 2013

You know what? Things aren't that different after all!

Good evening everyone!

So today's had quite a few ups and downs with lots of negative reactions to my earlier blog post.

First I would like to say that no feelings have been hurt on my side and I respect everyone enough to disagree with whatever I say.

Let's just say I was butt-hurt, but amazingly, writing that essay on being butt-hurt made me feel a whole lot better.


Anyway, I was just thinking and I realised something. I mentioned before that I hated the v1 Raspy crew sculpts, and that I love the art for Levi v2, right?

This is something that interests me a lot when I look at it from a quasi analytical angle.

Let's have a look at the crews I own:

First up was my Gremlins, I loved their models but really struggled with the rules and could not get them to work.

Next up was my undead Guild made up of the Dead Justice crew and a converted Executioner, Austringer and Hounds.

Next came my Dreamer crew, this was something that really clicked with me, I loved the visual style, the game mechanics and went on to buy every nightmare characteristic model available.

It was around this time last year that I became a Hench, and to go with that some demo crews, the first was Perdita.

Followed shortly after by Lilith.

Finishing off my Neverborn came Lynch from GenCon last year

And last but not least, Seamus!


So what is the point of this thread other than just showcasing my models?

Well I asked myself, why don't I own v1 Levi? Or Marcus? Or McMourning? Or the Viks?

The answer is simple. I don't like them!

That's right, there are models in v1 I do not like!

So what does that mean for v2?

It means that at the moment there is only Levi I so not like, but come wave 2 we should see Chompy who is my favourite master! And who knows, maybe wave 2 is where I get the V2 bug!

Will I love the core rules? Unlikely, but as long as the models look beautiful, who cares?

This is why I was so upset before over Levi you see. I don't own his v1 models because I'm not a fan if them, and for me the models (and painting them) is MORE important than any other part of the game, so without those models I want to get, there is no game for me.

But if I don't like all the v1 crews, then why should I expect myself to like all the v2s?

On that note, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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