Sunday, 14 July 2013

Something's Brewing

Good Sunday everyone!

Just a quick post to put an idea out there.

So as many of you know this weekend is the Malifools Midsummer Madness event of 4M for short. From what updates I've seen it is currently a raging success with lots of people having lots of fun!

I also understand that there is not due to be another one next year and instead @oldmanmyke is encouraging others to pick up the mantle.

This is what I would like to try.

So this is what I'm thinking for next summer: a 2 day event held in the beautiful town of Welwyn Garden City (my home) where food and accommodation is readily available within 10 mins walk of my local town hall.

What I am considering is the event being a multi game event, where players build a number of achievement points based on what games they play, for for example: winning a game of Magic: The Gathering would net you 3 Achievement Points (AP) winning a game of Malifaux would grant 5AP and Winning a game of 40k would rack up 8AP.

The aim would be for fun, possibly there would not even be time tables or anything like that, just people play as much or as little as they want, and there are lots of different prizes and trophies, from Best Costume, to Model most appreciated by a 3 year old girl.

Extra bonus points can be given for buying pizza (12" for only £3.50 with a 15 min walk) or for bringing along and encouraging fun games to be played etc.

So what do you think? Is this something that people may be interested in or not?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. So you know, if you think this idea sucks or rocks, let me know I'd like to hear all feedback be it positive or negative

  2. It's a good idea for sure. We've run something similar at the local club, however the score keeping was hard to balance and many people just didn't bother with the scoring system and just played

    For example, why does a 40k game score 8, vs another game that might take just as long? A lot of what we played were board games, but found it pretty hard to judge how much you score for winning a 3 hour, 6 player game of Settlers of Catan.

    If restricted to wargames, could run into difficulties of people bringing only one or two systems with them and struggling for opponents? Not sure.

    Definitely an interesting idea though and think it could be a success.

  3. Thanks.

    The idea in the example points is that in my experience MTG is a faster game than Malifaux which in turn is faster than 40k.

    The idea is that the points would (try to) be balanced that if someone spent a solid 8 hours (for example) playing one game then they would have the same number of points available to them as someone spending the same amount of time playing another game.

    Of course it's already been pointed out to me that without organised structure like saying "3 games of MFX day 1" etc that people won't know what to do and there will be little interest.

    I guess the main idea (which I hope I got across) is that I want people who love v2 MFX to go to the same event as those who love v1, but without a 'free form' game layout I can't see how else to get that to work.