Monday, 22 July 2013

Podcast & Other Plans

Good Monday everyone!

So it's still crazy hot here, and according to the news we should expect it continue for another 6 weeks - woo!

So I've been listening to the latest episode of Gamer's Lounge and I noticed a comment from Bill about how I haven't been so up front about my Henching retirement.

So first I'd like to explain why I've been very 'iffy' over going into detail about this: you see as I have said before I am a very passionate person who on many occasions can flip off the handle and start saying things that either I don't really mean, or start getting vicious because I want to hurt people or someone.

This is one of the issues I have with 'going public'. I'm afraid that my passion for v1 Malifaux will take over and rather than providing a valid opposition I'll be a doom-sayer who's frothing at the mouth, attacking anyone and everyone who still likes v2.

Another reason is my concerns about bridge-burning. You see, tying back to what I just said, there are a lot of possible bridges I could burn if I went 'all out', and I'm not just talking about friends.

You see while I've never been such a self involver when it comes Wyrd like some, I'd like to think that my name is one that a couple of Wyrd employers will remember.

I don't know where the future is going with Wyrd and I do not want any bridges I did have to be burnt and in doing so push me out of future involvement.

- I suppose this kind of can be summarised easily as follows: right now I don't want to be a henchman, but for all I know, in 6 months, a year, 2 years or 3, I may want to be a henchman again - I'd LOVE to want to be a henchman again, and I don't want to write myself out of that.


Ok I'm not sure if many of you have had a chance to listen yet, but a few weeks ago I put out an episode of my new Podcast "Hobby Sofa", a project being worked on between myself and Andrey, a friend from my LGS.

With hope either this week or next we'll be recording a new episode of this, and I'm going to say right now, I do NOT want to do a V2 review just yet.

I know this is the new hotness for a lot of people, but I'd rather wait until after GenCon, after my new crew has arrived, I've painted them up and am playing a proper v2 game.

Once this has been done, THEN I will do a review of the game.

Anyway, I'm looking to make Hobby Sofa semi regular, maybe once a month or something, but one thing I would really like to do is find an actual host for the podcast. As you may have seen, at the moment it's riding on my newfairbank.podbean account, but in doing so that is affecting the quality of my main podcast, which I don't like.

So does anyone know of a free hosting service I can use for this? I really can't justify paying out for a podcast account for this.

Anyway, that's all from me for now, take care and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. I was not intending to poke or prod you at all, I fully respect your decision not to explain why. Funny enough, while I was babbling and mentioned you I was trying to remember if you had given reasons on either your podcast or blog that I had missed, so that might be why my comment came across as it did....

    For the Hobby Sofa, I am certainly looking forward to a new episode. I will admit that I have not listened to the full Maliquest podcasts as they were not exactly my thing, albeit excellent listens. I really enjoyed the "talk radio" aspect of Hobby sofa and look forward to the next episode.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your comment. No I understood what you meant, the only reason I wrote the blog post was in case there were others wondering the same.

      I do have a question though, what do you mean by 'talk radio'? I'm taking it as a complement, but not fully understanding the reference.

  2. Talk Radio is a type of radio program (possibly just in the states?) where the hosts interact with the audience or thier in studio guests/co-hosts. It is not focused on music or news reporting, and tends to be "real life" oriented opposed to a developer diary or story driven.

    It's the style most podcasts adapt, especially when it comes to gaming podcasts. On the podcast perspective, its what makes This week in Tech (a news review show) different from Mac Break Weekly (using the Twit network as an example).

    I hope that helps.

    1. Thanks for the explanation, I did think that's what you meant which did confuse me, as to me most podcasts are like that so Hobby Sofa in that respect doesn't really stand out, but I'm not going to throw away a complement, so thank you :)