Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Future's Bright

Good Saturday everyone!

So by now things on my side have quietened down after my 'rage-quit' yesterday morning, and I would like to take this time to explain how I see things for this blog, my podcast(s) and just me and my hobby time in future.

First, the Blog!

For those of you who are fans of my writing (thank you) this is not stopping.

My blog will continue, and it will remain its usual regularity (daily when I'm busy with something, or maybe s couple of times a week when I'm not). You see my reasons for starting my blog have not changed, even if I as a person have.

As always this will focus on whatever I am currently doing. For a long while now I've been focusing on v2 of Malifaux and the negative effect it has had on me, this has not been healthy.

Next: The Podcasts!

These are also remaining.
Once Will has finished his campaign (without knowing his schedule, but knowing him, I predict the boss encounter to be vs Ramatar) then I will be closing off the campaign I was running.

After this we'll either take a break or will have some filler episodes while I get CRYPTS to a working format. Once done we'll be shifting over and testing out those rules. Should be fun.

Hobby Sofa, despite only having 1 episode out, we're looking to carry on, I'm fact we're looking to record next week.

For this cast we intend to carry on as before. To be honest we're not a Malifaux centric podcast and we never were meant to be, it's just both hosts play v1.5 as our main game.

So think of us as 'pan-hobby' with a heavy Malifaux influence.

And last but not least:Me.

I'm going to keep with 1.5 for the time being, but I have learned that doing so as a crusade to prove its need to survive is just as harmful to me as being negative on v2.

Come GenCon I'll be spending my credit, probably picking up the v2 rule book (as a form of future-proofing my decisions, so once things are ironed out I have the book and able to give it another try post wave 2. But ill also be buying a good number of v1.5 models to try and finish off my collection. Sadly I don't have enough credit to pick up the stuff I want and some large dudes like riders of Nekima, but they'll come I'm time.


You see, as with my time as a Hench, I've noticed a change in me, one that I'm not happy about. I guess it's all because of me being a passionate person, but I got too emotionally involved in what was going on at Wyrd, the direction the company was taking etc.

What I needed to do was take a step back and rather than trying to be a contributor to the community and hobby in general, I need to be a consumer.

I don't know if that makes sense, especially when I am indirectly contributing to the Maligeist by still making my podcasts and blogs while playing/painting/modelling Malifaux, but it has done something in my head, it's flipped a switch and now everything seems ok.

It's like the red mist has cleared, and while everything seems less colourful and vibrant, it also seems less important in comparison to things that really matter, and that's my wife and daughter, family and friends.

And on that note I bid you all adieu, stay safe and ill see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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