Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad: Part 2

Good morning all!

So I posted yesterdayabout my first game with The Dreamer, however I forgot to post about one of the more important aspects of the evening turned out:

How the Mini Moo took having someone new in the house, along with a table set up for Malifaux.

Now as I mentioned in part 1 it is my malevolent goal to raise her to be the next generation of geek with a thorough grounding in wargaming , painting/modelling and video games.

With this in mind, Saturday evening was an interesting experiment to observe, rather than being put off by all the strange new sights and sounds, instead she seemed intrigued.

On more than one occasion I would hold up a model to her and watch her expression change to that of intense concentration. It was clear that she recognised the shapes, but could not figure out the context.

- Either that or she was trying to find a way of getting the models away from me so she could gum them in peace.

And so bringing this inane ramble to an end, if you have kids or if you are planning on having them, and hope to coach them to be a future gaming partner, don't be afraid to expose them to it ASAP.

I don't know how the future will go for me and my youngling, but so far things are looking up, whether she will want to play when she is older however...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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