Monday, 20 February 2012

My First Tourney (Conclusion)

Afternoon all, grabbing some lunch and finishing up my write up.

So when it came to the results, I actually ranked as BOTTOM of the ladder as the only player with 3 losses, but I got to take home this shiny certificate:

So I think back to how the games went, the fun I had and the new people I met, and considering I really enjoyed myself, I count myself as a winner (I know, that's what losers say, right?)

But possibly the most important thing, I learnt something new:

It turns out for these games, I wasn't properly performing The Dreamer Hop. This was for 2 reasons:
1).when you bring out Chompy, if you unbury him from a spell, you can trigger to pull out more than 1 nightmare, so if I start with at least 1 Daydream buried, I can then unbury the daydream with Chompy, companion him to Chompy and use THAT daydream to rebury Chompy afterwards. This negates the problems I was having of leaving him exposed in the middle of the board.

2). How I handled Chompy's activation was all wrong.

The card states with One Master that whenever Chompy or Dreamer is unburied, that model must activate immediately. I took this to mean (as did my regular duelling partner) that it means any current activations are put on hold until after the unburied model has resolved their actions.

It turns out this is wrong and it is impossible for another model to fully interrupt another's action.

What the card should say instead of IMMEDIATELY is 'at the next available activation'. This means that a daydream can unbury Chompy and turn him into the Dreamer, whereas my way was that Chompy gets unburied, activates straight away, but has to sacrifice his activation if I want him to turn back into Dreamer.

With all of this on mind I am very glad I didn't win, as winning with the use of an incorrect rule is no fun to anyone, however one thing that's for sure, I know now what to do, and you others better watch out...

One, two Chompy's coming for you!..

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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