Monday, 20 February 2012

My First Tourney (Part 2)

So where we left off, Hoffman was burying himself all around the table and through some clever abilities and card draws was able to shrug off Chompy's attacks.

All the while Hoffman's Guardian was marching around the table smacking my nightmares upside the head and grabbing him much needed Slaughter points, I was not doing well at all here.

So even through I had to try and kill the Guardian with a non master to get a VP, I just wanted that thing dead, it was causing all sorts of trouble, so out came Chompy again, who teared and clawed away into its metal form, each attack being dulled by its armour.

Thankfully this is Chompy we're talking about and thanks to some great cards and me having a lot of Rams, 12 Onslaughts later the Guardian was down and the game drawn to a close:

This resulted in Hoffman having 5 VPs and me having 0. This was not my finest hour and I was seriously feeling fatigued.


This third and final game began: me vs The Victorias.

Now I had fought this crew in a friendly before hand, so I knew how ranged they would be with Hans sniping from cover, and to top it off I was on the same table as vs Hoffman, this had lots of wide open space, great for the Viks, but bad for me.

Long story short, I spent my first turn faffing around. I was tired, and I was really struggling to get my head around The Dreamer's hop, two false starts later I finally made my move, which was clumsy and left Chompy exposed (again).

The Viks played well, the Convict Gunslinger put down covering fire while the meleers closed in on me.

Sending teddy after Taylor resulted in 1 dead Teddy (he was not fairing well today) and my daydreams and The Dreamer were quickly getting picked off.

Through some nice positioning I managed to get Chompy into melee with Taylor who again managed to pull off 8 Onslaughts so a dead Taylor and with it 1 VP to me.

However there was a trade off for this attack and the Viks responded by killing Chompy and my remaining nightmares. With no models left on the table, I had no one to stop him from gabbing his objectives and totting up another loss to me.

This left me with 3 losses.

And so we draw to our conclusion. I shall explain my thoughts and how the tourney placing ended up, but I'm nearing the end of my commute.

To be continued...


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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