Monday, 20 February 2012

My First Tourney

Good Monday all!

So as most of you will remember, yesterday I attended my first ever tournament ever. How'd it go?

Well I loved it!

So to start us off there were 12 players split over 6 tables:

Terrain was set up in a pretty liberal manner with a greater focus on being interesting and fun rather than 100% balanced:

At this point I would like to apologise for my photos, I thought more came out than did, as it stands I only got a few photos from 1 game.

So let's get down to brass tacs here:


This was me, Dreamer vs

Our strat was shared Destroy the Evidence.

In turn one, after winning the initiative I sent Dreamer out to grab a piece of evidence, which after shifting to Chompy and having 2 available AP he did with ease.

I had made a dumb move however, I had started the game with all 3 day dreams unburied and now had Chompy out in an exposed position. This forced me through companion to then try and get all the other daydreams to try and pull Chompy back to a safe position and turn him into the Dreamer again.

As such my activation left me with The Dreamer out, but unprotected and exposed and my daydreams in less than ideal places (apart from 1 who I had just managed to squeeze into the legal 3" radius of Shadowy Figure).

Sonnia retaliated by moving into a building and using a spell against the Dreamer. This spell I had never heard of and is a definite Dreamer killer as my high casting caused extra wounds to me and Sonnia was able to ignore LOS abilities and talents.

So here we were, turn 1 and the Dreamer was dead. However this did cause Chompy and a number of other nightmares to unbury all around him, with Chompy in Melee range of Sonnia.

With my stitched placed right on top of the neutral evidence marker, I quickly nabbed that guaranteeing me 1 Victory Point (VP).

Turn 2 began, and after winning the initiative again I released Chompy on Sonnia. With relative ease he teared up her face killed her. I like to think of that as vengeance.

I now had another problem. I had 2 hounds to kill for schemes and had planned to send Teddy in to do that, and for that reason Teddy was still buried, but without the dreamer in the game my daydreams couldn't unbury him, so with a smile on my face I sent out a daydream to attack the 2 hounds. As I predicted the hounds attacked the daydream and killed him, this allowed Teddy to unbury and attack one of the hounds and kill it.

The second hound made a run for it, but was gunned down by another daydream who drew a red joker! Sure it was overkill, but it was fun.

As we got to the final turn we played I had a few choices available to me. I picked the stupidest one and sent a stitched to try and nab another bit of evidence.

This lead to the opponent to kill my Coppellious and get some VPs from his schemes and me to lose the game.

This was not the smoothest of ideas I had ever had.


Next up I was paired against Hoffman.

Again this was a new master to me and I had no idea what to expect.

When it came to deployment I made the same mistake as before and put out all my Daydreams (this is a reoccurring mistake of mine).

This game was very fast, with Hoffman ability nabbing from a soul stone miner and tunnelling all over the board.

Frankly I had no idea how to counter this and so just charged up field sending Teddy to try and take out his 2 austringers.

Rather than kill them, teddy thought it would be a good idea to die himself, BAD TEDDY!

After swooping some melee blows between Hoffman and Chompy I found myself unable to scratch him and instead in a venerable position myself, so I pulled Chompy away to the other side of the board. This allowed me a little respite.

And with that, I am running out of space, please tune in for part two shortly!

Part Two

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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