Thursday, 16 February 2012

Random Thoughts on the Upcoming Releases

Evening all, so I've been sitting on this thought since I saw that April's releases have already been announced.
Now I know I don't own any of these models, and I'm sure in person they look very different, but I just can't hold it in.
So as you all know my current crew of focus is my Nightmares, so with that in mind, let's look at the Neverborn releases for 2012 so far:

So here we have 2 sculpts for The Hag. They're great, if you play her.
In March (note there were no Neverborn in February) we have the following:

The Spawn Mother and Gupps, great sculpts, but they have a real Zoraida theme to them in my opinion. That's 4 sculpts to the Hag.
Now we have April:

That's 2 sculpts to Lilith, great models but still no nightmares.
Finally we have:

Now this dude's look is so specific, if you are going for a certain theme it will be really hard to fit him in.
Now come on, where's the Nightmare love?
- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxleyww


  1. I have to say you raise a good point...but that Tuco model is an awesome sculpt :)

  2. True, for me it's just a bitif a bitch and a moan, 6 months on and not a single new release I want. However it does let me catch up on my back catalogue and save up for Salute2012