Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend Project: A Plea for Ideas

Good Friday all!

I know I was due a Friday Review today, but what I would like to review was only released on Wednesday and I haven't really gotten to grips with it yet.

Instead I would like to share with you a future project I hope to begin this weekend.

First a little background:

As you may know, the setting for my friendly Malifaux games is a small little town on the other side of the Breach called New Fairbank.

I was looking for a venue where my undead Guild members could live, and I wanted to name it after a real place. New Tombstone seemed the obvious choice, but the name didn't really work for me.

A short google later and I found Fairbank, a town that existed at the time Malifaux is set and was the last coach stop before Tombstone (or so the internet told me, please correct me if I am wrong) and so New Fairbank was born.

One of the focal points of interest out of all the terrain I have is the Sarrissa chapel:

This Is a great model, but I want to make it even more prominent and also give it it's own graveyard. I mean what ghost town would be complete without its own graveyard?

And so I have a plan:

The Three Tiered Hill:

The aim is to make a tall hill with three bluffs, each bluff at a different height:

( ) ( ) ( )
\ \| | / /

This is a rough plan of the layout.

The left bluff will be the lowest, the right one the middle and the middle one the highest and largest. This will hold the chapel.
I plan to build this out of my good old friend Paper Masche!

So the intent is to build up the hill in the same manner as my mine was built:

And before it is paper masched I will lay down the road over the paper rocks using card, and then paper masche the whole thing.
Then once that is dry glue ballast to the paths, base it on hardboard with kitty litter, spray and paint the whole thing, apply a few little details like static grass etc and then over time add little features, like I would love to add some signs and graves and also build some modular features for the bluffs, like a mausoleum and a hanging tree!

But here comes the plea:

I need to make sure that all three bluffs can support weight, the middle and tallest being the chapel, which at any point could be housing any number of minis, just think of the combined weight of the building itself, with Killjoy and Chompy!

So does anyone have any suggestions of weight support?

Or do you think the paper masche will support it? (it is surprisingly strong).

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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