Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad - Part Three

Morning all,

As I write this I am awaiting some minor testing at my local hospital after attending a consultation about having my gall bladder cut out - fun fun fun!

Anyway, yesterday was interesting. As regular readers may remember, Wednesday night is my wife's night to relax and do what ever she wants while I baby sit the Mini Moo that is my daughter.

Last night was no different, and as my wife relaxed in the tub and my daughter slept on a squiggle mat, I dug out my rocky out crops I had made before:

Well after making these before I have had huge problems with warping of the bases, and so I am attempting to rebase them, this time on hardboard:

I'm starting out with just 2 of my pieces as I want to see how they take to the hardboard.

Shortly after cutting the board to size and placing the rocks as desired, the youngling awoke and started demanding some attention, so out comes the changing material, on goes the kettle and on goes a copy of Mystery Men on DVD.

After a short change and feeding break, we were back to modelling!

This was simple, cover the hardboard in PVA (hence the previous warping when using card) place the rocks as desired and cover in cat litter:

As you can see these are now ready to set/dry and be repainted.

I hope to do this tonight.

And there we have it, another Wednesday done and another night with my girl. As a hint to others, I have found that my girl tends to get a bit irritable if I just push on with my project all the while ignoring her - makes sense, she's bored! So all the while I talk her through what I am doing and why I am doing it. It keeps her calm and I like to think its sinking into her subconscious for use at a later date.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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