Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekend WIP: Write Up Part 1

Monday all! Yes I would normally say "Good Monday" to you all, but I have yet to see anything good about it- Grumph!

Anywho, over the weekend I got started on a new project:

Chapel Hill

The aim was to create a three tier piece to house my chapel and take up a large part of my board while being scenic and themed.

So first things first a cut out the three different 'bluffs' out of hardboard.

-well, I say "I", I really mean my wife did. Super massive props to her for that!

Once this had been done I attempted to build up the structure using balls of scrunched up newspaper held together with tape.

The end result was pretty 'interesting:

Then, I added the main pathways:

For perspective's sake I attached the chapel temporarily to the top bluff.

Next up was the paper masche:

After a few hours, this was where I has gotten to. The main shape was taking form, however the bottom could not be completed as I needed a base to fix it to, and the boards I had left were too small. This would need to wait until Sunday when I could pick up more hardboard.

So, come Sunday, after a quick trip to B&Q I had the hardboard and then cut it to shape.

This left us once again with the following:

As you can see, it is far from complete, quite the opposite in fact, but later on when I get the opportunity I'll glue the base to the structure, and then finish off the paper masche.

Then I'll add some extra details, such as lips to the edge of the bluffs and walkways (this is more of a functional reason and less aesthetic) then glue cat litter to the base, and basalt to the paths and walkways.

Next up is the painting, brown spray with lighter sand coloured drybrush, followed by the finer details:

This is what I have been holding onto my remaining trees and lichen for, add some of them, some scenic and static grass and badda bing badda boom, we should be all set.

I'll keep you all posted!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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