Monday, 13 February 2012

Dreaming Experiences

Good Monday everyone, it's cold, it's early and it's Monday and your dearest Doctor Loxley is feeling very grumpy indeed.

But anyway, time for a bit of feedback from the week end:

On saturday I played my first game with my dreamer crew.

It was 30 SS comprising of the following:
The Dreamer / Lord Chompy Bits
Stitched Together

As you can see this left me with 1 SS making a pool of 6.

My friend played Ressers, McMourning infact, complete with some doggies, a belle, a convict gunslinger and some punk zombies.

We were playing shared treasure hunt, which I knew straight away would put me at an advantage, all I had to do was get to grips with The Dreamer's mobility.

So turn 1, after deploying just the Deamer and his Daydreams, I was lucky to win the initiative, The Dreamer gained flying, flew out onto the table, unburied a stitched in base to base contact with the treasure, transformed into LCB and walked back. Then his first companions Daydream activated, pulled back LCB, turned him back into The Dreamer and then moved into a defensive pose in front of The Dreamer. I then proceeded to manuver my remaining daydreams through companion further up the board in a spread out motion. All of this within 1 activation.

Next up, my friend pulled out McM, who after chopping up some friendly pups managed to get enough body parts to summon a Rogue Necromancy, ran up the board and summoned this beasty right next to my stitched.

Now I don't play Ressers, so I'm unfamiliar with the Rogue Necro, but I've faced it once before and it literally ate everything I had.

Next up was my stitched's go to activate, and after gambling with his life, winning and flipping a Red Joker for damage followed by another severe (that's 14 points of damage!) the rogue Necro fell.

The rest of the turn was pretty quiet, just moving into position by the Ressers, while I sat back and wished I had unburied more of my crew. In the end however I would be glad I didn't.

Turn 2, after losing the initiative M cM summoned a flesh construct, something I had a feeling would prove a problem later on, he also nabbed the treasure right from under my stitcged's feet. I knew I had to eat his face, however Chompy was still untested and I knew how nasty McM can be up close.

So it was my activation, activated Dreamer with a Day Dream, gained flying, flew up the board, transformed into Chompy and was about 3" away, which was perfect for my claws. Chompy then proceeded to make his 2 General Actions tearing away at McM's flesh, followed by a third Melee Expert attack. Now McM was still alive, but with only a few wounds left.

And so the companioned daydream activated, pulled back LCB and turned him into The Dreamer again before taking up a defensive position.

This was followed by a hound charging up, because of The Dreamer's shadowy form he was forced to attack the Daydream and not his intended target of The Dreamer himself, but he did kill the daydream, thus taking me down to 2, and after the SS heavy fight against McM I only had 3 left, that meant I could only later summon 1 more, I had to be careful with my other daydreams.

Next up I knew I was in a bit of a pickle, the dreamer undefended and next to an undead snarling mutt, but I still had 2x daydreams left, so 1 daydream proceeded to unbury LCB next to him, turn him into the dreamer and then unburying Coppelius further up board.

This simple action allowed me to pull The Dreamer out of harm's way. I was amazed how quickly I could pull the dreamer out of trouble and across the board, next up a few other things happened, teddy was dumped on the bell, Coppelius pulled out an eye of the punk zombie and ensured his poison would kill him next turn, and then we moved onto turn 3!

Luckily I won the initiative, and I knew there was only one thing to do. At the end of the last turn, the flesh construct had moved into Melee range with the daydream and The Dreamer, this guy could pose a problem if he got off a disengaging strike. So The Dreamer flew right to the edge of the Construct's range (1AP), turned to LCB and in doing so became out of his range, LCB then summoned a Day Dream before moving up into McM's face again, all the while ensuring he was within range of the new day dream's convert back power, just in case.

He then proceeded to munch munch munch on McM's face until he was nothing more than a pile of corpse counters and a treasure token.

Long story short, it was not long after this that my opponent knew that there was nothing he could do and so surrended to my crew.

It was a good game, and I have tried and tried to figure out why things went the way they did:

How pivotal was the red joker in dealing with the rogue necromancy on turn 1?

What would have happened if the Rogue Necro hadn't died like that?

Was there anything else the McM crew could have done to stop me?

Was my victory caused through me playing a good game?
Is McM actually not a very good crew to take against The Dreamer?
Is The Dreamer as truly OP as everyone says?
Or (and this is what I hope)
Did I just 'get' the dreamer? Was it his play style and me just merged as one allowing us to make every road lead to victory?

I like to think it was the latter.

I intend to play more with him, and against different masters and with hope will be able to shed more light on the matter.

In the meantime here are some pictures from the game:


  1. Hi there,

    Dreamer is definitely very powerful. By the sounds of things you played him pretty well, and there wasn't much your opponent could have done.

    One concern though. I don't think you can actually summon a Rogue Necro in the middle of the board on turn 1. McM can't gather enough body parts quick enough. Certainly he wouldn't have enough to drop a Flesh Construct as well on Turn 2. I have a feeling your opponent misplayed that.


  2. I agree with Mike with the whole McM summoning things that quick.

    It does seem you managed to get it just right with Dreamer, play some more against other masters and see how he still fairs. He is a fun but very powerful master but can sometimes not be as enjoyable for our opponent to play.


  3. I can't remember how he did it, but I remember when he played out the body part grabbing I followed it and it worked correctly.

    And regardless this guy is my primary opponent and we've been friends since we were kids, I'm not going to bat an eyelid over a possible miss summon.

  4. Oh and I need to ask, my tactic of activating dreamer first, getting flight, travelling 7", switching to LCB, then using the 3" ranged claws to make 3 attacks and then with the companioned daydream pulling him back and switching him back to the dreamer.

    How acknowledged is that tactic? All the guides have read talk about pulling out LCB with a daydream, and LCB changing back through the All Done trigger. One guide I read on how to defeat Chompy talks about denying the use of All Done and how if you can do that then you can win. My tactic uses 0 triggers, so no suit requirement, and doesn't rely on unburying so no chance to fail a flip.

    I know this gives less of a range, so a ranged crew like some guild may have an advantage, but against Melee hitters I don't see a problem (in theory)