Saturday, 11 February 2012

Malifaux: How did you learn to play?

A bit of a short one today. I promised a post and I always keep my promises.

I was reading a friend's blog yesterday: Into the Breach and it got me thinking about the game and just how different it is compared to other table top games.

I was reminded how I learnt to play the game, an idea i would like to share with you this afternoon.

Malifaux: Stripped!

Now to play Malifaux Stripped you need about 6 SS worth of models for each team, about a 1x1 or 2x2 size board and some basic LOS scenery.

The rules are the same as standard Malifaux except the object is to kill all the opposing units models and you are not allowed to use triggers or spells to do it.

So the only options are: Move, Charge, Strike.

Oh and i should probably say, no Masters., instead any model can use SSs

Also everyone gets 3 SS.

Now while this may be missing most of the point of Malifaux, and a lot of other models will become insanely over/under powered without triggers and spells, one thing it does is encourage short high action turns and gets you used to using the cards and the most important part of the game;, card duels.

From my experience i found getting my head around card duels was the hardest part, and playing M:Stripped really helped with this.

And there we have it. A simple version of the game that is a wonderful way of introducing someone to what is initially a very daunting game.

I am also slowly working on another version of M:Stripped which i hope to teach to my youngling. I really do believe a game where the focus is less on remembering stat cards and abilities (the true strategy of Malifaux) but retains the duels could be a great introduction to wargaming for a child.

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