Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Partner Factor

Morning all,

So the theme for today? Does your partner play Malifaux with you?

So I've been playing geek games for years and years.

I started with my dad's Commodore 128, moved onto the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis for the Americans) and the Mega CD and even the 32X before migrating over to the Sega Saturn. Yes we were a Sega family.

It was around then I moved into Games Workshop games before playing PC games and leading an AvP clan.

This was followed by RPGs such as Vampire: The Masquerade and Paranoia and TCGs such as Magic and then back to PC with MMOs and now back to Minis with Malifaux.

What I find interesting is how my partner has been present for so much of this (obviously not before I met her but ever since).

This was the woman who first taught me what it meant to "collect 'em all" and that pulling off an Über Trick can be tricky (tricky, tricky tricky).

She was never that into Magic however. I played her once, and she whipped my ass, and like wise she refuses to play Malifaux.

But what I find strange is that she loved the game Zombies, so clearly it isn't minis that put her off.

I semi brought this up over the weekend and asked if she would let me demo a game for her, her response that she didn't want to play a game where 3 hours into your only on turn 2...

Now this was an interesting point to make, the weekend before I was playing my usual sparring player and just as she said, three hours in we were only 2 turns into the game.

Now this leads me onto my next thought. Why does this game take so long to play?

On Sunday's #mfauxtitans tourney there were 2 sessions going on side by side, 1 being Warhammer/40k the other Malifaux. In the time available the whammer players fitted in 4 complete games, where as we only managed 3 and most of those were called due to over running.

So here we have a game with a tiny fraction of the models taking longer than the competition!

I wouldn't say that is necessarily a bad thing, I mean other than GorkaMorka, Malifaux is my favourite Miniatures game so it must be doing something right.

But with this in mind i am still determined to get her to play the game. So far there is no luck, even the Showgirls doesn't generate the desired effect or the Spirits, and she loves all things Japanese.

I do however have another plan, Pandora! My wife has told me on many occasions that Teddy is her favourite of my models, so I'm thinking that a woman who drives people insane, is followed by evil children, can use Teddy and summons tentacles could be the deciding vote!

Wish me luck!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Can I also add, while this may sound a little moany, my wife is the bedrock that most of my ideas take root in and/or spring from. It was her idea to make my trees the way I have, and throughout the whole process of trying new things with painting and modelling, and then starting this blog, she has been amazing!